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Fultum Tracking Visitors

Website tracking services helps archive and tracks the visitors who have visited your website. Have you ever thought of having a user friendly tool that helps you to visualize through a video what action your visitors have taken on your website?

It’s not magic but just a Website tracking software that helps us identify what our consumers are performing on our website.

  • What are the benefits of Website tracking?
  • How does it work?
  • Is it going to generate revenue for my business?
  • Let’s get answers to all questions and put this tool in use to generate revenue

Website Tracking Software

A Website Tracking Software keeps a tab on the visitors to your website and converts them in to a meaningful report which can help you analyze your visitor’s habits and monitor the action taken by them on your site.

Let’s assume you have a website through which you sell Organic Food, for this business you have designed a beautiful website, integrated payment gateway to make payment options easier, you have your SEO & Digital Marketing covered and now you are just sitting back to witness results. Let’s say you are getting 60% ROI (Return on Investment) and you are quite happy with the business performances. You have your Website traffic tracker information from Google Analytics but all these reports are on a graph which tells you in black and white the performance of your website traffic.

Website Traffic Tracker

Fultum Global’s Website Traffic Tracker get’s your business the extra bit of information using the Website tracking software and you would literally be able to view your visitor’s actions through a video. In simple & plain English it acts like a CCTV in your physical store or in your apartment. In the case of CCTV it records all actions in your absence and you are able to replay it later to keep a check similarly in your absence the Website Traffic Tracker will record all actions performed by a visitor on your website through which you are able to analyze who came to your site, what action they took and if they did not take any action you can try to understand why, you can check which page on your site is attracting more visitors and what product is actually selling and not.

Web Analytics

The Web Analytics tool helps you to get real time stats and reports on your visitor’s behavior. You want to know what your visitors are doing so that you can prepare to serve them with better business. Web Analytics tools have more inputs and benefits and let’s see what they are

  • In simple terms you will get to know who is doing what on your website
  • It helps you get real time reports of your advertising campaigns
  • It helps you analyze why people are leaving your site
  • It helps you improve the quality of your website
  • It helps you improve quality of your content
  • We’re sure you want to know more about Fultum’s Website Tracking Software