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Everyone in business wants business and wants to offer business; ideally every business is in search of customers and every customer is in search of offers and products which is a vicious cycle. Now here comes a question of which business is able to attract its customers at the right time, in today’s competitive world is it survival of fittest or survival of the smartest?
Reaching your target audiences through the most powerful online medium is neither difficult nor easy, it’s just getting your techniques right, and Fultum Global has it in place. We help you reach your target audience organically by offering professional SEO services.

Wondering what is SEO and how will it help your business?

SEO is an essential nutrient that helps website grow healthily, spreading business. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is simply denotes a set of activities that are carried out to improve a website’s rankings in Search Engines and carrying out such activities is called SEO Services.

Search Engines are unique algorithms. Different Search Engines like Google or DuckDuckGo have unique protocols to identify web pages which are relevant to a search term. By understanding the qualities these Search Engines are looking for and implementing them in your site, you are sending signals to the Search Engine that you are a relevant, useful and authoritative website – so your ranking goes up; your website will be shown to many more people and you naturally gain real users and good traffic.

SEO is a constantly ongoing process. There are many different Search Engines used today and the value that they seek for in a good webpage keeps changing with time. SEO keeps evolving according to the needs of search engines, people, toolsets and algorithm changes. While it is not a full time engagement, you really need to afford some time every week to keep making changes that will maintain your good rankings.

How is SEO achieved?

SEO can be helpful to all websites – even older ones that were waywardly designed with troublesome rebellious features can be tamed down to become user friendly.The optimization takes place through different practices. Sometimes, applying a correct title is all that is needed. Sometimes, you need to add or reduce images, attribute them correctly, provide a good summary and add Meta descriptions to improve rankings.

The activities of SEO can be categorized into three different types:

  • Technical SEO

    – This is the process making certain that a website undergoes an on-page optimisation to maximise site performance and achieve increased search engine visibility.
  • On-Page Optimization

    – This is the process of optimizing the content, the tags, descriptions, images and architecture of the website.
  • Off-Page Optimization

    – Off-Page SEO practices involve stud like Press Releases,Content Distribution,Social Bookmarks, Giveaways, Blog Comments, Paid Links or Contests.

What can SEO do for your business? Read the example

Now you are probably wondering why we say SEO is so powerful.Consider this –let’s imagine that you own a carpet cleaning business. Hundreds of people in your area need their dirty carpets dusted and they don’t know any reliable workman to do the job.So they search for one online. But since your website is poorly constructed, old, cluttered, plagiarized and confusing, Google decides that you are a bad fit and directs them all to another lazy dunce with a shiny website. This is the difference SEO can bring about in your life! All the information about you will stay invisible, locked away in the attic if you don’t practice SEO. In this situation SEO Services offered by Fultum will be Local SEO Services under which our experts will make a complete study about your competitors, work out the technical mechanics, understand your consumer’s behavior locally and ensure that our Local SEO services will fetch organic results for you without spending big fat money. If your target audiences are Nationwide then we implement National SEO services the same work will be carried our nationwide so that your site becomes visible in the entire country. Similarly International SEO even though the work sounds the same it clearly differs from locality to locality because of the behavior of your consumers and the competition as well.

Humans intuitively suppose that ‘Number 1’ means top class. We keep fighting for the first place. We remember the first person on the moon, the winner of the race, and ignore the rest. The same happens in search engines too. The top spot in Google, for example, gets 36.4% of all clicks. The second result gets 12.5% and the third one gets 9.5% and the percentages die down after that. And consider this – Google alone hosts 10.3 billion searches every month! If you are not sitting in the top of the lot, it means that your competitor is reaping the place!!

Your website is your virtual store. It stays open 7 days a week, all day long, briskly attending customers without ever getting dirty, tired or unorganized – heck, it doesn’t even ask you for a sick leave. Your website is your best ever employee that multi tasks tremendously tackling thousands at once – SEO is the best ever gift you can lavish upon it for all its services. SEO will put your website into the spotlight, granting it attention in the right emphasis. It makes your website discovered, noticed and loved!

SEO also specially attracts the right kind of people. If you operate a chain of restaurants, Google isn’t telling about you to people who are looking for a haircut. It only reveals you to those who are hungrily searching for food nearby. SEO brings about a high rate of visitor to sales conversation than most other advertising campaigns.

Internet Marketing

Fultum says that these are all terms and they come under the umbrella Digital Marketing. The entire Digital Marketing operates over the internet and thus the term internet marketing came to life. For all your business needs Fultum Global can chalk out a plan that will include a SWOT analysis and the plan will be executed using SMART metrics projecting a ROI – Return on Investment that is achievable. In the past it was easy for people to just start a small business and the owner of the business makes decisions based on his instincts but in today’s highly competitive world it is close to impossible.

Let’s think about this example considering India as the place of business

In the early 90’s people used taxis only to travel far off places, in the early 21 st century taxis were started to be hired by corporate giants who chauffeured their employees to get to work in time. In the recent past i.e. in the last 3 years almost every other individual books a taxi to commute for various reasons. Due to competition in the industry the prices have dropped however the taxi business owners still make profits. How is it possible to reduce the cost and still make profits? It is possible because the taxi businesses have planned to get more people to use their taxi services and thus turned it in to volume based business. They use technology to their best, they use digital marketing strategies and SEO services to be on the 1 st rank on search engines, they device plans every quarter or half-yearly and monitor results and sloppy times as well.

It is evident that every business needs to plan well in advance with what they have in hand and how to use them to the best to stay on top.

If you as a business want to stay on top then just go ahead and request for a free